Thanks for asking! Click the “Register” button on the far right of the menu at the top of the page. Then select either “Community Bowl for Kids Sake” or “Indiana University Bowl for Kids Sake” to be redirected to the registration form.  

There is no cost for a team to come and bowl. However, we do ask that each team strives to reach a goal of at least $1,000!

To access your fundraising page, simply go to and login with the username and password that you used when creating your account. You will then see a list of the fundraisers you are currently supporting. By clicking “Manage”, you will have the ability to edit details of your profile. For more detailed instructions, you can view: How To Access and Edit Your Fundraising Page

Once you are logged into your account, press the “Manage” button to access your preferences. From this page, scroll down until you see “Team Fundraising”. Clicking this will give you the options to either join or create a team. You can also go directly to a team page and click the “Join Team” button. For more detailed instructions, you can view: Joining or Creating a Team After You Have Already Registered 

Recruit 4-6 more people to join your team. Encourage your teammates to create their own fundraising website and share it on social media as often as possible. Keep your team informed about incentive prizes, and communicate their success. (Ex. Katie just got a $50 donation! Joel has already exceeded his goal of $200! Our team just surpassed the $1,000 mark!) 

Say THANK YOU! Thank your team members for their time and commitment to participate! Don’t forget to say thank you to the people who donated to you! Call or e-mail after the event to let them know how much money your team raised and thank them for supporting local children.

When you are logged into your account, press the “Manage” button to access your preferences. From here, simply press the “Donations” tab to view all of your donors.

For more detailed instructions, you can view: How To See Who Has Donated to Your Fundraising Page

The easiest and fastest way to spread the word about your fantastic decision to participate in Bowl for Kids’ Sake is by sharing your personalized fundraising page via social media and
e-mail. Include a personal reason why you’re involved. Do this often – the more frequently you talk up the event and share your fundraising page, the more likely you are to succeed and the more word of mouth Big Brothers Big Sisters will receive!

You can check out some other easy ways to fundraise on our Fundraising Tips and Ideas page.

First and foremost, thank you! 
To donate to a specific team, simply go to our BFKS site and click “Donate Now”. On the donation page, there is a field at the top that lets you search for a team that you wish to suppot. Alternatively, you can ask the team captain to send you the URL or direct you to their team’s page to donate!

Feel free to reach out to Alycyn DeClerk, Marketing & Events Coordinator, at
​or (812)-929-0443.