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Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering or enrolling your child, Big Brothers Big Sisters offers several types of programs in communities across the country.

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Big meets Little.

Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty and coping with parental incarceration. Starting something begins with finding a great match between a Big and a Little. Making these matches, and performing all the background work involved with them, is possible because of donations from people like you. It's also why we're able to offer such a wide variety of programs that pair children, ages 6 through 18, with role models in one-to-one relationships.

Core Programs
  • Community-Based Mentoring
  • Site-Based Mentoring
  Special Programs
  • First Friends Program


How a Big becomes a Big—and a Little, a Little.

Before we make a match, we do our homework. After someone expresses an interest in becoming a Big, they go through an extensive background check and careful interview process. Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities and preferences. And we provide full support from the start, so matches can grow into lasting, fruitful friendships. It’s also important to note that the entire matching process is made possible through donations—we can’t do what we do best without them!

What do Bigs & Littles do?

Each match is unique. Getting together doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity—just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy. For example:
  • Playing catch
  • Reading books
  • Getting ice cream
  • Going to a museum
  • Providing advice and inspiration



Site-based Mentoring

Site-based matches meet at the club or school and are not allowed to meet outside of those locations unless the match signs up for the Site-based Plus program.


Club Match

Children who attend the Boys and Girls Club after school program on a regular basis can be matched with a Big Brother or Sister.  The match will meet at the club once a week to talk, play games, do homework, develop friendship and have fun. 


School Match

Children who attend Arlington Heights, Fairview, Grandview, Summit and Templeton Elementary Schools can be matched with a Big Brother or Sister.  The match meets one hour a week at school for lunch and recess to talk, eat lunch, play games, do homework, and read.  Match activities will depend on the needs and interests of the child.  Over school breaks, the match is encouraged to stay in touch via letters, emails, texts or phone calls.  When possible, matches will continue over multiple school years. 



 Community-based Mentoring

Community-based matches meet evenings and/or weekends to do activities together in the community.  


First Friends

The First Friend program is for children who are waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Sister.  Parents and children will be invited to attend agency events throughout the year.  Parents are welcome to bring their children to events or may request that a First Friends volunteer pick up their child(ren), take them to the event, supervise them at the event and then return the child(ren) to their home. 


Community Match 

Volunteer mentors are matched with children who would benefit from a positive mentoring relationship and are available after school or weekends.  Bigs are asked to meet with their Little Brother or Sister 2-4 times a month for a minimum of one year to do fun activities together, try new things in the community and develop friendship.  Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them.



Site-based Plus Match

Some matches that meet regularly in the School or Club Programs will request to meet occasionally after school or weekends to do community-based activities.  The match will continue to meet regularly at school and do community-based activities as their schedules allow.



For more information about all of our programs, Mark Voland, Executive Director, at or 812-334-2828 x227.

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