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Hannah & Stefany

(Indiana University)

"The first day I met Stefany I knew that our match would be a great one. I could see so much of myself in her. Stef seemed incredibly shy and introverted but over time I could tell she had so much personality just waiting to escape.  

Growing up, I was a very shy and reserved kid. I knew not to push her to open up more than she wanted to too early on in our friendship and that she had to become comfortable with me on her own terms.To my surprise, she was chatting up a storm by the time I was ready to take her back home. 

Ever since our first day matched, Stef has made leaps and bounds in opening up in situations where she is interacting with people she doesn't know.I can't even begin to explain how rewarding it has been to see her mature and become more self confident over the past two years.  She reminds me everyday how important Big Brothers Big Sisters is to the children in this community and all over the country."



 Cherri and Paige (Monroe County)


"I think some of the progress I have seen has been in her schooling.  It is a battle, but she just told me she passed all of her classes last semester. Right now we try to meet every Thursday for a visit. I am blessed she feels comfortable to talk to me about her feelings. The trust is there, and that is not easy from a 15 yr. old."



 Webb and Dale (Monroe County)


 The pair always mets regularly play sports, watch movies, go fishing since they were matched 2 years ago. Little Dale is now a wrestler at his middle school! They are always involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Indiana, participating and helping at every event. This year's Bowl for Kids' Sake will be their third, and Little Dale has won the Junior Male Limbo Contest 2 years in a row, while Webb is always one of the finalists! They are Monroe County's best limbo partners!








 Meghan and Savannah (DePauw University)


"Thinking back to when we had first met, I could tell that she had matured a lot over our time together and that we were forming a great friendship. I always tried to express to Savannah that she could be herself around me, and I feel like this year she is truly comfortable with me to be her enthusiastic and spirited self!

I can tell that she has matured over the time we’ve been together. Last year, we spent a lot of time doing homework or working on reading together, but this year we have not had to spend any of our time doing those things. I hope that our time together has allowed Savannah to be more confident in herself because she is an amazing friend and hilarious person to be around! "




Caitlin and Faith (Owen County)

"Faith and I attended the Black Violin concert at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. She had never experienced anything like it before. The performance was so lively and entertaining; perfect for us to share together! Watching her so excited about the music and dancing at her seat was wonderful! She still talks about the performance! That evening is one of my favorite memories shared with Faith." 








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